Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Ok so having made the decision not to move to Manchester and work with the TBWNN, the following weekend was when the band were visitng LCF. It was a bit awkward, and had some interesting conversations with the guys in the band who obviously knew I had had an interview for the job.

But all in all it was an awesome weekend. It was a big thing for me, as I was overseeing all the technical side of the event, and I also put together and played in the support band "Busted Fly". We put in a pretty meaty 10k sound system, and a completely new lighting rig including 4 moving lights (which i hasten to add were very excellently programmed and operated by Mr Andy Pullinger) as well as a big rear projection screen and a very big extended stage. It pretty much involved me living down at the chuch for 4 days prior to the gig(well not quite but I was there from about 10am and didn't finish any earlier than 11pm most nights) but the end result was well worth it.

The band were amazing, the stage looked and sounded excellent, and the additional staging that we had quickly knocked together the week before didn't collapse( and is still intact to this day) On top of all that quite a few young people made commitments at the gig, and the band were absolutely blown away by how well organised the gig was and how well we looked after the during their stay.

So over all I was pleased with with how it all went. Special mention goes out to the guys who played in Busted Fly, you were all awesome as ever, and also big up respect goes out to Tom and Lucy for being such excellent hosts for the evening.

Long awaited update

Ok, I know I'm a rubbish blogger and I haven't updated my blog for so long, but I am now trying redeem myself.

So much has happened in the last 6 weeks its hard to know where to start. I have decided that rather than trying to update you in one mammoth impossible to read blog, I will uppdate bit by bit over the next few days in smaller bitesize blogs.

First update is that I decided not to take the job in Manchester. It was a really tough decision, but in the end it just felt right to stay in Luton, and to be honest I still dont totally know why, but I feel at peace about it. I've decided I want to do a degree course, but somewhere close by so I can stay in Luton and keep my job at the church. It just feels like the right thing to do right now, but we'll see.

So I'm busy trying to get my application done, as the deadline is the 30th June!!!