Friday, May 12, 2006

A close shave with a couple of tyres...

So, it was a lovely sunny morning, and Neal my esteemed colleague and friend and myself were driving round the edge of Luton when suddenly... out of no where a truck came hurtling round the corner and 2 tyres flew off and came bouncing towards us.

Luckily they missed the wind screen and bounced off the bonnet, denting the bonnet slightly and smashing one of the headlights. The worst part was the guy in the truck didn't even stop or anything to see if we were ok, or to even get his tyres.

This leads me to believe that either he didn't realise he lost the tyres off the b ack, or it was too much trouble for him to stop and swap details and stuff, and he would probably get in trouble because the tyres weren't attached properly in the first place.

Either way, it shook us both up a bit. If the tyres had bounced a slightly different way they could've hit the wind screen, which would've easily smashed with the weight, and things would of been a bit more fatal.

But luckily we were ok, and have lived to see another day. Does bring things a bit into focus though when stuff like that happens.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

BIG Decisions!

So, today I travelled all the way to sunny Manchester for a meeting with a guy from The Innervation Trust about the possibility of a new job next year. I wont go into all the details, but it is a job overseeing and maintaining all the technical requirements for the trust including looking after and touring with their 2 touring bands thebandwithnoname and TBC.

Everything about the job is so me, I was just sitting there talking to the guys thinking, "this is my dream job...". There are only 2 major stumbling blocks stopping me.

1. All 29 staff who work for the trust aren't paid by the trust, they have to fundraise and get sponsorship from supporters to help pay for their living costs etc. I would be expected to do the same.

2. It would mean a complete move and re-locate to Manchester.

The fundraising thing isn't really that big a deal to me. I had to do it for Nexus, and deep down inside I know that God will provide the money if its the right thing for me to be doin.

Its the moving away that I will struggle with. I just always find it hard to go somewhere new and have to make friends all over again and this time I will really know nobody. And its not like Im goin somewhere to study and everyone's in the same boat, I'd be goin to start a job and I could be there a good few years.

When I was at 6th Form, it took me over a year to make proper friends, and when I was at Nexus it wasn't till the end of my first year that I strted to get to know people properly. And even when I came back to Luton, a lot of my old friends had gone and its only been this year that I've started to have friends closer to my own age again. Particulalry recently I've had some really good friends around me and I don't know if I can let them go. I just hate saying good bye.

Anyway, I have a week while me and the guy from the trust ponder it some more and then I need to let them know if I definitely want to continue with interest in the job. Not saying I have to decide I definitely want or dont want the job, I can still back out of further down the line I don't feel its right, but if I say yes it menas we'll start working towards me starting work in September.

So your prayers, thoughts and any advice or words of wisdom would be much appreciated over the next week.