Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 8... and still tired.

Ok so had 2 proper nights sleep, and still feeling sleepy after the weekend away. Normally I can return back to normal after a day or 2 after a weekend away. But then again I did only get 6 hours sleep over the whole weekend, partly due to someones snoring... I won't mention any names...

Anyway, Tuesdays is my main Uni day so was there most of the day. Had some good lectures, learnt some cool stuff, and performed a piece of music that involved reading a magazine article... following on from the bottle hooting we performed last week.

The CU are having a week of outreach this week at the Uni, seem them about with fliers and stuff. Because I still live and work in Luton its been hard for me to get a long to the CU so far, but seeing them around and doing stuff made me thing maybe I should try and make an effort.

This evening I was leading worship at my friend Andy's prayer meeting for the charity he's trying to start. The charity is being set up to do work in Africa, where Andy went out to for a year about a year and a half ago. We watched a video from Blue Peter where one of the presenters had gone out to visit some orphans. It made me realise again how much poverty some people are in, and how less fortunate they are than us. I've seen it firsthand when I went to Bosnia, and when I went to Romania last year, but its so easy to forget and get sucked into our Western Consumer world. But part of me keeps saying I should do something more to help some of these people in some way, but I'm just not sure exactly what, when, where or how.


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