Saturday, March 11, 2006

Back from the future...

Ok, I'm sorry I lied, I'm not really back from the future. But I am making a return to blogging after a few weeks of it being a bit quiet on the blog front. Apparantly some people were worried about my existence, but don't worry, I do exist and I am still here!

Reasons for not blogging are that I've been crazy busy, those of you who know me well will know that is the norm for me so I guess it isn't really a good excuse...

Anyway, some reasons for my recent influx of busy-ness are as follows:

1. Moving out of the church hall - Yes finally after about 2 years of the church saying it will happen it has happened and the building work is about to start on the LCF church hall. If all goes to plan in about 3 months time we should be able to get back in there and have a whole new level to play with. This obviously means everything in the hall having to be moved into storage, which has made this last week a bit chaotic. Wednesday I just spent the whole day loading up peoples cars with stuff! It has also meant I've had to move out of my office at the church, which is a bit sad, but thanks to the wonderful people at LCET I have a temporary office in the LCET building. So I am all moved into my new office now, which is nice and cosy with all my junk in it. Thank you so much to all the LCET guys and gals for making me feel welcome so far.

2. Kids Music Academy - Yes we have decided to run our Kids Music Academy at the church again this year, which is a lot of hard work, and I think we're a bit crazy to rn it again, but the Kids love it and get so much out of doing it. Things have been complicated this year by the fact that we now can't use the hall for the next 3 months, so it's taking some creative thinking to get round it. But be guranteed from now until the Kids VIVA event in July when it finishes it will be keeping me very busy. For those who like to pray you prayers for the planning and running of the music academy would be much appreciated.

3. Easter Opening - I know Easter seems far away but we are already planning a mammoth opening for our Easter Sunday Service. The idea is to tell the Easter Story through Song, Music, Dance, Video, Lighting etc in the space of about 5 minutes, to kick start the service and inspire people as it leads into a time of worship. Me being me I offered to put together all the visual, words and video stuff together for it including the click/backing track which holds the whole thing together. Its already involved a lot of work with initial rehearsals and stuff, and I haven't even really started putting together the video yet. The idea is that the video stuff runs like a click track so everything else locks in and syncs up to it. So again your prayers for inspiration and stuff would be great

Well thats some of the church stuff thats goin on. On top of that still be doin all my teaching and Hat Factory/Theatre work. For those of you interested my films have been goin a lot better lately which is cool, still freaks me out a bit tho. Also been asked to join a band, do sound for another band and there's been some developments about what I might do next year.

But I'll blog some more about this stuff soon

Hope you are all well xxx