Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 7, has it been a week!

Well I am on day 7 do that means it has been a week since I started my crusade to blog every day for a month.

This is gonna be a short one as I'm tired, still recovering from the weekend away.

Today we had a staff day at church, which I was there for most of, which involved us watching and listening to some teaching DVD's and CD's. It was really good and although I was quite tired I got a lot from them.

It made me realise tho, that I spend so much time serving in the church that I often don't make enough time to take in and its something I should make an effort to do more often.

Did a bit of jamming through some songs with Liz my boss, and was accidently late for a shift at the theatre, sometimes I wish I could just jam all day. Shift was music club which this week was a performance by a solo pianist. My responsibilities involved fading up the lights at the beginning and then fading them down again at the end. The music was good and while listening to it I read through a sound and lighting magazine.

I finished the day by buying chicken which I ate when I got home.

What more could you ask for?


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