Monday, May 28, 2007

Carnival rained off!

Well, today was supposed to be "Europes biggest one day carnival" yes you've guessed it Luton Carnival!

I was due to be stage managing the Market Hill Local Music Stage, which I was quite looking forward to because as many of you know I enjoy working on shows, concerts and events, and also stage management is a good way of learning new stuff, as you're working and liaising with everybody.

But alas, at 8am I was awakened by a call on my mobile from the Technical Mananger to say the whole event had been called off due to the rain and flooding and that I wouldn't be required to work. This was both a dissapointment and annoying, as I was going to use the money I was going to earn working(which would of been quite substancial with it being a Bank Holiday and all) to pay for my holiday.

So in response I decided to spend the day doing my washing and ironing, and watching episodes of Hustle with my brother. Great way to enjoy the bank holiday, many thanks to the great british weather!


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