Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 3 - A bit late I know...

Ok so I know this is technically Friday but hey!

The reason being is that I finished work really late.

I was showing a film, which usually means you finish about 9, 9.30 at the latest. I was asked if I'd mind taking down the film when it finished, which normally takes half an hour so I thought thats fine be done by 10 can catch the 10.20 bus home.

Firstly the film went on for ages, didn't finish till 10pm. Then, whilst I was taking the film down, the film came off the platter, when i still had 5 reels to go, and its virtually impossible to get it back on when that happens. After some improvisation with glorious gaffa, and winding the film off really slowly, I eventually finished at 11.30pm!

I go away on the church 11-14's weekend away tomorrow, and my plan was to get home pack, and get an early night.

As you can see its about qurter to one, and I'm still in the middle of packing!

Roll on the weekend...


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