Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 1 - The Saga begins

Ok, so I could go back and tell you about everything that has happened since I last blogged properly, but that would take forever. If I have nothing exciting to talk about over the next 30 days then I might reflect on it, but for now we're going with up to date stuff.

So today I was at Uni, almost missed the bus, but luckily the driver was a friendly one and didn't drive off without me(and yes this has happened to me before)

This morning was a lecture on Logic Pro, a very powerful Audio editing and midi sequencer program. I was with it all until the last half hour of the lecture where I started to get be a lost and began day dreaming.

Anyway, this was followed by a performance lesson, for which we had to each bring in a glass bottle. In the half hour between lectures I realised I had forgotten mine, so went on a hunt through the Uni campus, only to find that they are not aloud to sell glass bottles anywhere on site!(Tho one nice bar girl told me I could probably find some in the recycling bin round the back on the Student Union) I eventually ventured to a nearby petrol station where I acquired a bottle of J20 nwhich I swiftly downed.

The lecture was quite fun. It consisted of us playing a piece of music which involved us filling our bottles with water, blowing across the top to make a sound, and gradually drinking the water so the pitch changed. Quite random I know, but it beats sitting and taking notes for an hour and a half.

This afternoons lecture was cancelled, so I returned to the church as I had a DVD to finish editing. This DVD is about our Life Groups(Small groups, cell groups, care groups, whatever you call them), and has been a little project I've been working on for the past few weeks, and I just finished about an hour ago.

Its been a good experience but editing videos takes a long time. Working it out I reckon I've spent atleast 30 hours on it over the last three weeks, and considering I only work 14 hours a week(and I have other work to do as well) its quite a lot of my time taken up.

I think I could have done it in less time, but I like to get things as good as possible, and cos I'm doing it on my old faithful laptop, it sometimes takes a while to render stuff. Anyway its done now, hopefully its what they want. I think its a bit American cheesy, but thats how they wanted so I guess I fulfilled the brief.

I'm now off to bed...


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