Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day 2 - Romance is in the air... or not!

So Valentines Day comes round again and alas I have not yet found the one.

I didn't get any Valentines cards, but as someone else rightly pointed out today, I didn't send any so why should I expect to receive any, but i can only live in hope.

So the excitement of today, the leaders at church who commissioned me to make the DVD watched the final product this morning and apparantly they really like it (I wasn't there to hear this first hand but this is what I was told by my accomplice)

I'm glad they were pleased but more glad I've finished it as it had taken up a lot of time!

Went into Uni this morning for a lecture that lasted a little more than 45 minutes, which means I spent double the amount of time I was in the lecture in travelling there and back.

Then I returned to Luton to the church to get some bits and pieces done, ended up staying there till about 7.30pm, partly cos at one stage I locked my church keys in the church office which meant I couldn't get into any other parts of the building until my good friend Ron came down with his set of keys so we could retrieve my set. Oh what fun it was!

Then just been chilling out at home, cooked me some dinner as my bro had eaten and mum and dad are out, doing some ironing, watching TV.

So a pretty ok day as they go.


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