Monday, October 02, 2006

Uni Student, can you believe it?

Believe it or not I am now a Student at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, and here's the proof...

Do you like the slightly confused Napolean Dynamite look in my photo? I'm sure they make you look silly on purpose.

It feels in some ways a bit strange starting Uni when most of my old friends from 6th Form are almost finished or even finished and moving onto other things, but at the same time it feels like the right thing to be doing.

Last week just involved registering and was a general induction week with lots of seminars and lectures about University life, and things like "How to meet coursework deadlines?". But strangely enough I've just been really looking forward to getting stuck in and started with the work. For some reason I've just got to the stage where I'm really eager to learn and take stuff in. I don't know how long this will last but I hope it lasts a while.

The course I'm doing, Sound Design and Technology, is such the right course for me as well. Just looking through all the different modules and stuff over the last week has really made me excited about it, cos its all stuff I really wanna learn about.(its sad I know!)

Anyway, this post has probably sounded a bit geeky so far, but there is the other side to Uni life which is probably the bit I'm more worried about. While studying at Herts Uni I'm still going to be living in Luton which has its advantages; its cheaper and means I can still keep contacts and stay involved with stuff here in Luton. But it also has its disadvantages the main one being missing out on the social side of living on Campus especially in the first year.

Being naturally quite a shy and quiet person I find it hard at the best of times to get to know people, especially in new places, and I don't wanna be a student who just goes to Uni to study, I wanna get to know people too, and be able to be a light for Jesus to them.

I'd really appreciate your prayers for boldness and opportunities to get to know people.

The one really good thing about being at Uni tho....... roll on student discounts;)


Blogger Pet Geek said...

Woah! How many years has it been since I actually saw you?? I looked at the photo and had to recheck that it was your blog. Wouldn't have recognised you. If you're ever passing through Sussex, look us up.

12:58 pm  

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